Saturday, April 23, 2011

His Writing - part one

   The day has finally come that I've added a bunch of Braxton's writing to the web site. I've added the date the file or post was last edited and you can view by date as well as by the alphabetical list. I am planning to just upload an obscene amount of stuff and hope to use this News Page to point out specifically interesting content.

The first of such content is a poem called Bare. It features the following verse, which I feel has a great rhythm to it:
Watching the sun as she slowly sets
knowing that time she never forgets
Up high the angels place their bets
a penny for your thoughts
a nickel for regrets
a thousand dimes of remittance 
Couldn’t pay off my debts

Another interesting piece is a poem that I think expresses something everyone has felt at one point or another in their lives. It's a short one called Friend Forgotten.

A poem that I laughed out loud at is one he calls Katie. Many of the clippings he saved make me wonder if it's something he copied from a writer he's a fan of since he collected lots of quotes from his favorite authors. There was no question with Katie. This poem is one that exemplifies Braxton's unique style, for sure.

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