Saturday, April 16, 2011


Progress has been made! Most of the backbone of the site is now complete. The physical structure is complete, and the layout is simple but effective. Much of the graphics are Braxton's own and new additions are meant to follow suit with their simplicity and understatedness. This site is his design.

Now comes the daunting task of trying to categorize seemingly random photoshopped images and animated gifs. For the most part, I plan to upload basically everything and get it out there for everyone. The organizing can come later, right?

Braxton was rather prolific. And unique. You'll certain get a picture of that just looking at his You're The Man Now Dog (YTMND) submissions. From exposing the very personal to commenting on the fate of mankind, his art expressed what he wanted it to quite clearly. And quite humorously.

His YouTube videos are going to be updated a bit in the upcoming weeks as I am able to re-upload vids that have been removed for TOS violations or other reasons. I'd love to compile videos any of you may have of Braxton as well. Please email updates@ if you may have footage. Thank you.

That's that. Next to come will be updates with links to various content within the website.

Please feel free to donate any money for the upkeep and preservation of

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